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catapultic – Stories on Sound Waves (2010)

Stories on Sound Waves

An experimental electronic album of original music with mid-2000’s trance and progressive elements. Blending live instrumentation with sequenced music, this album was the first end-to-end album released by Dan Waters as catapultic.

catapultic – Shipwreck – The Original Soundtrack (2015)

Shipwreck (Steam Games) – Original Soundtrack

Shipwreck is a retro-themed Steam game by Brushfire Games. Single Coil Studios was responsible for all of the sound effects, foley, and original music for each level of the game. Blending classic retro themes with a more modern touch, the end result is a soundtrack that follows the player through each level, immersing them deeper in the world.

catapultic – Polychromatic – The Original Soundtrack (2015)

Polychromatic (Xbox One) – The Original Soundtrack

Joining forces with Brushfire Games once again, Single Coil Studios provided the sound effects for Polychromatic in addition to three futuristic original tracks, once again blending electronica themes with live instrumentation to match the fast-paced, “geometry shooter” style of Polychromatic, an indie title for Xbox One.

catapultic – Idlewild (2016)


An experimental instrumental album inspired by a beautiful community near Eagle Nest, New Mexico, “Idlewild” is a simple study in constraints. Seven songs explore seven modes, with only two instruments, in an effort to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each of the modes of the major scale.