Missing Tracks (Studio Musician Services)

We love creating all types of sounds at Single Coil Studios. Our artist-to-artist service, Missing Tracks, gives you access to experienced musical talent that can generate one-off tracks for your project.

Best of all, it can all be done online!


Missing Tracks can be created for nearly any style of music and on nearly any instrument; all you have to do is ask and we will work something out!

Our studio is currently equipped to produce:

  • Acoustic guitar tracks
  • Electric guitar tracks (rhythm and lead)
  • Electric bass guitar tracks
  • Continuous input synth tracks
  • Sequenced drum tracks (electronic, or realistic acoustic drums)
  • Electronic tracks including trance, club, dubstep, etc.

In the studio, we use FL Studio as the primary working environment to provide excellent results to you at friendly prices.

Check out some of our missing track work below!