Redefining Royalty-Free Music

Whether it's custom or off-the-shelf, our royalty-free music will make the difference.


Unlike bulk royalty-free music distributors, we create unique and interesting tracks that you won't hear anywhere else. To us, music is more than notes. It's just as important to the overall effect of a film or game as the rest of the content.

How much of your childhood memories include music from film, TV, or games? When you hear music like that, it transports you back to that time of your life. We strive to create music that will have the same pulling effect on you and your audience.

Check out our online store to browse royalty free music we've already produced, or contact us to discuss what we can create especially for your project.

What is royalty-free music?

When you buy one of our royalty-free tracks, it means you are licensed to use that music in your own commercial work, across the world, forever - without having to pay royalties back to us on what your project earns. This is especially useful for producers who require original music and don't want to go to the hassle of obtaining permission or arrange complex agreements with the rights owners, or projects that have a fixed budget up-front.

Our licensing agreement is really straightforward and easy to understand. You buy the track once through our online store, and use it wherever you want without worrying about copyright or legal repercussions. (Distribution of over 3,000 units is licensed separately so contact us if your project is this big).