We strive to make our licensing worry-free and simple to understand. The licensing agreement is below; if you have any questions please contact us directly.

Single Coil Studios Royalty Free Music Licensing Agreement

last updated 24/03/2013

A quick overview of our licensing terms:

  • When you pay for a track or song, you can use it forever. The price you pay for a song includes a royalty-free buyout licence.
  • The music is licensed to you to use worldwide, forever.
  • The music is licensed for inclusion and use in your creative audio and visual projects, such as slideshows, photography, portfolios, websites, games, apps, films, and more.

The following details the licensing agreement you will have with Single Coil Studios upon purchasing from us.

Upon receipt of payment for one of your royalty-free musical works, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, single-site, lifetime licence for its use in synchronisation with any of your own audio or video productions and to market and distribute those productions worldwide.

For use in major theatrical productions or mass-market retail distribution (3,000 units or greater), please contact us directly at to purchase a licence. Such productions are licensed differently.

You ARE, of course, permitted to sell and distribute your own work or production which contains music you purchased from us.

You are NOT permitted to share, re-sell, reproduce, or otherwise transfer the music itself to any other individual or entity. Any attempt to reproduce, share, or re-sell the music itself will subject you to criminal prosecution. This music is protected by the copyright laws of the Australia, the United States, and other countries who provide for severe criminal penalties including fines, imprisonment and injunctive relief.

Broadcast licensing

Domestic and international broadcast of this music is cleared through APRA, whose revenues are collected directly from broadcast station licensing, NOT from you as a producer. If your production is to be broadcasted, you (or your broadcaster) are required to file a cue sheet with APRA or the performing rights society/organisation in your country. There is no extra charge to you, the producer. To prevent unauthorised re-use of the music and to protect yourself from liability, it is strongly recommended that the following disclaimer be included in each of your productions:


All copyrights, licensing, duplication and distribution rights are held exclusively by Single Coil Studios (APRA).

We invite you to explore our catalogue of music and obtain a licence for use in your project.

Dan Waters, Founder & Executive Producer

Single Coil Studios